A field of interest fund allows you to direct your gift to a specific area of need, geography or interest you care about, whether it’s fostering the arts, providing support to low-income families, preserving the environment or any other worthwhile cause.

You may receive an immediate tax deduction for your opening contribution and any subsequent donations. Additional gifts of any amount may be made whenever you wish.

We honor your wishes forever by working with you to establish the criteria and a process for making grants from the fund. BTCF invests the funds and provides all necessary legal and record- keeping services.

Field of interest funds are flexible enough to fund a variety of recipients and yet focused enough to create a highly personal and permanent charitable legacy.

Minimum to open a field of interest fund: $25,000

Fee Schedule

As a public charity, we assess fees to help us expand philanthropy in our region and support our leadership and collaboration on high-impact initiatives to benefit our communities.

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Committee members of the Jane Lloyd Fund support the day-to-day living expenses of people with cancer in northwest Litchfield County.