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Each year, we partner with donors to award thousands of grants and scholarships to improve communities, strengthen nonprofits and make school more affordable for students and families.

Nonprofits and Individuals

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Berkshire Taconic awards hundreds of competitive grants each year. Whether you are seeking funding as an individual or on behalf of a nonprofit organization, we welcome your interest in these opportunities.


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Berkshire Taconic's scholarships help local students and returning adults pursue their educational dreams. In 2023, we awarded over $850,000 to students of all ages attending trade schools, colleges and universities and graduate programs through over 80 scholarship funds. Most scholarship deadlines are March 15 and accept our general application, which will determine your eligibility for all Berkshire Taconic scholarships.

Prizes & Residencies

Supporting teachers and poets

The James C. Kapteyn Prize annually recognizes a high school teacher of exemplary character, integrity and honor who have made a career commitment to high school teaching with a $10,000 award. The Amy Clampitt Fund seeks to “benefit poetry and the literary arts” by transforming the former home of the prize-winning poet (pictured left) into a site for six- to 12-month residencies.

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