Welcome to Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation's Scholarship Application page. We encourage you to submit your general application by March 15. Students are matched automatically with all scholarships for which they qualify. Please note: FAFSA is no longer required for your 2024 application.

We have scholarship opportunities for graduating high school seniors, vocational students and adult learners. Scholarships that require a separate application are listed below the purple "general application" box.

Frequently Asked Questions by Applicants:

  • February 1: Our general application opens.
  • March 15: Most scholarship applications are due and will be reviewed by an advisory committee.
  • By June 30: You will be notified by email if you have received a scholarship. Decisions are generally made within eight to twelve weeks of the application deadline.

How much does it cost to apply for scholarships at Berkshire Taconic?
There is no cost to apply for scholarships through Berkshire Taconic.

Who is eligible to apply?
Anyone who lives or attends school in the Berkshire Taconic region.

Where can I attend school with these scholarships?
Any accredited college, university, or trade school.

What if I am attending vocational training?
We have an application for you, called Vocational Students.

What if I am a non-traditional student such as an Adult Learner?
We have an application for you, called Adult Learners.

What if I don’t know where I will be attending college yet?
That’s okay, we do not require college information during the application process.

What if I am not sure what my major will be?
Please check off anticipated major or select those that interest you.

What is required in order for my application to be submitted?

  • Resume
  • Student Aid Index (Complete the FAFSA at www.studentaid.gov, to receive your Student Aid Index)
  • Guidance Counselor’s email address
  • Two email contacts for Letters of Recommendation
  • Essay

Who can write a recommendation letter for me?
We recommend that letters come from a recent teacher, community leader or employer who can speak to your strengths, interests and goals.

How are recommendation letters requested and received?
The scholarship system will send an email request to your contact with a link to upload the letter of recommendation. This email will come from administrator@grantinterface.com

What file format will be accepted for attachments?
Attachments must be in PDF format.

Is it possible to be awarded more than one scholarship?
Yes. When you submit the General Application, you will automatically be considered for all scholarships you are eligible for.

What is the deadline for applying?
All materials must be submitted by March 15.

Who makes the award decisions?
Each scholarship has a committee of volunteers who read and evaluate each application. They make their decisions based on the scholarship's official guidelines.

Are scholarships awarded on the basis of merit or financial need?
A combination of both.

When will I find out if I’ve won a scholarship?
Award emails will be sent by June 30. Each scholarship notification will be a separate email. Emails will come from administrator@grantinterface.com

Will you notify me if my application has been declined?
Yes, decline emails will be sent out by June 30. Each scholarship notification will be a separate email. Emails will come from administrator@grantinterface.com

What is needed to accept a scholarship award?

  • Class Photograph, or other picture of you
  • Thank-you note
  • College Attending
  • Major/Minor
  • Student ID number
  • Copy of Tuition Bill
  • Mailing address for school’s Financial Aid Office
  • Official Cost of attendance for the next school year

How are scholarships paid?
Checks are mailed directly to the school's financial aid office. Most schools will split the payment equally between semesters.

Do you notify my college of the scholarship?
No. Notification of your award is up to you. Most colleges require that you let them know of any outside scholarships.

Can I defer my award?
You can defer you award up to one year, please reach out to scholarships@berkshiretaconic.org for more information.

Do I need to pay my scholarship back?

What is the difference between a loan, a grant and a scholarship?

  • A loan must be paid back.
  • A grant is free money and does not have to be paid back.
  • A scholarship must be applied for and awarded; it is also free money.

What happens if I move or change schools after I’ve been awarded a scholarship?
Please notify Berkshire Taconic by emailing your updated information to scholarships@berkshiretaconic.org. We will make every effort to transfer your scholarship.

Is my scholarship renewable?
Only certain scholarships are renewable for up to 4 years. Check the scholarship portal, and your dashboard will tell you if your award is renewable.

If I previously received a renewable scholarship, how do I renew yearly funding?
In order to renew your funding a Current Student Application must be filled out and submitted by March 15.

Complete a General Application

Our general application opens February 1 and is due March 15.

Complete a Separate Application for the Following Scholarships: