Teachers, administrators, staff, and students as well as community members of the Dover Union Free School District for projects that will fulfill the mission of the program.


The Dover Education Enrichment Program (DEEP) is an education enrichment fund for the Dover Union Free School District in Dover, NY. The purpose of the program is to enhance and enrich the educational experience of the students and teachers in the schools of the Dover, NY Union Free School District. The program will use private philanthropic resources to provide grants to support the development of exciting and challenging programs that enhance the skills and opportunities for students.

The program supports students in achieving their highest goals through a myriad of formal and informal programs that are focused on various academic fields, athletics, cultural programs and community services.

DEEP is a community based effort that was established in 2014 to go above and beyond programs normally funded by local, state and federal funding.

DEEP is seeking proposals for the students of the Dover Union Free School District for projects that will fulfill the mission of the Fund.

Possible projects can span the arts, humanities, sciences, technology, athletics, agriculture, and the environment. They can include new programs, residency programs, visiting speakers, field trips or other enriching activities.

Berkshire Taconic does not support organizations that, in their constitution, by-laws, or practice, discriminate against a person or group on the basis of age, race, national origin, ethnicity, gender, disability, sexual orientation, political affiliation or religious belief.


Grants awarded will range up to $3,500.


Applications will be reviewed using the following criteria:

Excellence: Is the project or service truly of a high quality? Is it the right time for the project? Does it involve qualified individuals/groups? Is it a creative endeavor?

Impact: What is the potential impact of the project or service on the school community? This does not mean the number of people involved, but rather the quality of the impact.

Ability: Is the project well thought out and feasible? Is there an appropriate timeline and budget? How does it connect to the district curriculum or augment?

The Dover Education Enrichment Program's Board, comprised of community members, parents and teachers, will review applications. Berkshire Taconic's Board of Directors will review their recommendations. Please be advised that you may be contacted with follow-up questions about your request.


At the conclusion of the (grant) project, grantees are asked to submit a short summary of the outcomes achieved through the project. Grantees may also be invited to share feedback on the process with the Advisory Board.


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Grant Amount

Up to $3,500



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