Local Impact

Berkshire Taconic established the South Berkshire County Fund in 2005 to improve the quality of life for its residents. The fund serves as a permanent resource for nonprofits and schools, with a focus on addressing disparities in educational and economic opportunities and boosting the social, economic, mental and physical well-being of vulnerable residents.

The South Berkshire County Fund supports strategic initiatives that can have a lasting impact on its communities. The fund currently works in partnership with select grantees to support a proven early childhood program, help youth make a successful transition from school to work and relieve pandemic-related stresses among school staff. A new grants program, “Better Together,” is funding new or existing projects and programs that support positive mental health and wellness for residents.


Total amount of grantmaking since 2005


Total number of grants since 2005

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  • Berkshire Hills Regional School District, Staff appreciation and wellness, $16,625
  • Community Health Programs, Parent-Child Home program, $35,000
  • Elizabeth Freeman Center, Clinical support options, $2,500
  • Farmington River Regional School District, Staff appreciation and wellness, $1,530
  • Greenagers, Pathways to the Trades program, $10,000
  • Lee Public Schools, Staff appreciation and wellness, $9,755
  • Lenox Public Schools, Staff appreciation and wellness, $10,710
  • MassHires, Career readiness project, $20,000
  • Railroad Street Youth Project, Career readiness project, $30,000
  • Richmond Consolidated School, Staff appreciation and wellness, $2,170
  • Southern Berkshire Regional School District, Staff appreciation and wellness, $9,210

“When we come together to meet the mental health needs of our staff, I believe that we get natural byproducts of physical and psychological wellness.”

- Michael Richard, Lee Public Schools

Advisory Committee

Ellen Boyd, West Stockbridge, Chair

Barbara Bonner, Housatonic

Peter Dillon, Great Barrington

Matthew King, Sandisfield

Charles Leach, Lee

Robin McGraw, Sheffield

Bob Norris, Great Barrington

Sarah Steven, Sheffield