The Berkshire Eagle and Berkshire Taconic Launch Journalism Fund

We are pleased to announce Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation has entered into a new partnership to help ensure the future of local journalism and expand the critical reporting that fosters community connection and public engagement.

Today marks the launch of The Berkshire Eagle Local Journalism Fund, a new charitable fund that will enable individual donors and funders to make tax-deductible contributions to support reporting on education, economic development, health, and arts and culture.

Since 1892, The Berkshire Eagle has been the newspaper of record for Berkshire County, an award-winning source of objective reporting on the issues that matter most to the county’s residents. Reporting by the Eagle helps hold authorities to account, empowers communities by reflecting their experience and shines a spotlight on emerging issues.

“Local news is trusted by consumers and vital to healthy communities. It connects residents to one another and serves the common good,” said Peter Taylor, president of Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation. “Through this partnership, we aim to support the ability for citizens to be informed at a critical time when our communities and democracy can be stronger through higher levels of engagement.”

Berkshire Taconic Community Foundation will serve as fiscal sponsor for this partnership, receiving contributions from the public and administering the funds to ensure they are used for the intended charitable purpose.

The Berkshire Eagle will retain editorial control over all content produced with resources from the new fund. Contributors to it will not have any input into the reporting of stories or specific content produced using the fund. The Berkshire Eagle’s website will keep readers updated on how they are putting donations to work.

"Our purchase of The Eagle was inspired by Joe Klein’s assertion that ‘Democracy requires citizenship, and citizenship requires a Town Square.’ From Day One, we have worked to strengthen The Eagle’s role as Berkshire County’s town square,” wrote Fredric Rutberg, president and publisher of The Berkshire Eagle, in a letter to readers this week. “For the first time in more than 80 years, democracy itself is being challenged as a workable concept in America. Now more than ever, a vibrant, involved daily newspaper and website is essential to protecting American values, both short- and long-term. I believe that Berkshire County has such a news organization, and I am asking you to help assure our future as we defend yours."

To support this work, make a secure donation on our website or contact Kara Mikulich, Chief Philanthropy Officer, to learn more.

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