Graduating seniors of Monument Mountain Regional High School who are entering their first year of a two-year or four-year college or university with a goal of pursuing a career in an art or design related field.


In 1898, E. Caligari & Son had its auspicious beginning when Eugene Caligari, newly arrived from Chiavenna, Sondrio, Italy, embarked upon the American dream of owning his own business. Eugene and his son, Eugene, Jr., worked hard as laborers for several paint contractors, often walking to jobs or hiring a horse and wagon until the trolley became a more efficient means of transportation. They learned every aspect of the painting business from scraping and priming exteriors to delicate interior trim painting. Before long Eugene, Sr., and his son, Eugene Jr. purchased a makeshift delivery truck which they used to carry paints, ladders and equipment for the jobs. Although they were not fluent in English, they learned that hard work was rewarded by loyal customers. Their honesty and hard work gave them the sizeable following of loyal customers that helped them launch their own company.

Eugene, Jr., left Great Barrington for Norfolk, Virginia to open a paint contracting business there, leaving his father and Amelia Magadini a widow whom Eugene Sr. married, to run the business in Great Barrington. Soon another son was born, named William. William Sr., alternately known as “Pebble” or Bill succeeded his father in the business by working hard and distinguishing himself during his high school years as an outstanding athlete. Bill learned the painting trade, continued to build a strong customer base, and expanded into other related areas of home decorating. He married Patricia Dewey and took over the management of the business from his elderly father who passed away at 96 years of age. He and “Patty” had three sons, Eugene, Jeffrey and William, Jr. Jeffrey and William, Jr. now own and operate the extremely successful home decorating business begun over a century ago by their grandfather.

The Caligari Family Scholarship Fund was established by William Caligari, Sr. in 1998.

Apply for this scholarship using our common application by March 15.