Graduating high school seniors of Chatham and New Lebanon, NY High Schools and prior Cha-Nel scholarship recipients.


The Cha-Nel Scholarship Fund was created in 1999 by an area resident who perceived the need for increased support of scholarships to serve the graduating students of two local high schools, one in New Lebanon, NY, and the other in Chatham, NY. Together they graduate about 150 students a year, the majority of whom wish to pursue their education beyond high school. The schools serve some 16 local communities which are rural in nature, small in size, and largely made up of families with moderate means. Their access to funds to further education is limited compared to more urban communities, which have a larger population base, more industries and a greater general affluence.

It was with these factors in mind that the fund was established as an endowment to award annual scholarships from its income in perpetuity. It also simplified means for others to support an ever-increasing base for scholarships through tax-deductible contributions.

Apply for this scholarship using our common application by March 15.