Residents of Adams, Cheshire or Savoy.


Emma Sherman Miller was born in Savoy on Sept. 2, 1904. One of five children of Roy and Grace Sherman, she moved with her family to Windsor at age 5 and attended public schools there.

She was taught as a child “what was good to pick” and later made dandelion and blackberry wines and put up jams and jellies at the 165-acre Shady Dell farm on Loop Road that she and her husband, Merritt, whom she married in 1925, operated for the 49 years of their married life. She also hunted and fished with her husband and competed in trap shoots, where she often beat the men, she said. The couple had no children. She sold the farm several years after her husband's death in 1974, and went to work for the Crane family in Dalton as a housekeeper.

After her retirement, she returned to live on Brier Road in Savoy. For many years she made the Greylock Ramble up Mount Greylock, starting at age 75. She walked three miles a day well into her 100s and attended most town events, meetings, senior trips and bingo games, school parties, pot- luck get-togethers, where her pies and muffins were legendary.

Ms. Miller died in 2010 at the age of 106. The Crane Family established this scholarship fund in her memory in 2012.

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