Building Brighter Futures

Most scholarship deadlines are March 15 and accept our common application. The scholarships marked below with a star require separate applications via our online portal. Students can learn more about how to apply.

The gifts of generous individuals and families make a crucial impact on the education of local students. By creating scholarship funds, generous donors send a clear message to young people that their community cares and wants them to achieve their potential. Our volunteer committees strive to support students with great potential and high needs as they make awards for vocational school, two- and four-year college degrees and graduate school.

For more information, contact Amy Taylor by email or at 413.229.0370 ext. 107.

Northeast Dutchess
For seniors at Webutuck Senior High School. This application is due May 1 and requires a separate application process.
Northwest Litchfield
$105,000 scholarship for a Housatonic Valley Regional High School student in their junior year. The application is due February 13 and requires a separate application process.
For newly arrived immigrants who are studying toward a degree at Berkshire Community College. This application is due March 8 and requires a separate application process.
For residents of northern Berkshire County who are currently working in a health care field to further their health care education and qualifications. The application is due March 15 and requires a separate application process.
Columbia, Northeast Dutchess, Northwest Litchfield
For residents who plan to undertake education or training in a health care or medical field and seek employment in their community. Non-residents working in the area may also apply. The application is due June 30 and requires a separate application.
Northeast Dutchess
For graduating seniors of Webutuck High School. The application is due April 24 and requires a separate application process.
Berkshire, Columbia, Northeast Dutchess, Northwest Litchfield
For female residents of the Berkshire Taconic region who are enrolled in a four-year college program majoring in math, chemistry, engineering or physical sciences
For high school seniors who reside in Stockbridge or West Stockbridge, Mass.
Berkshire, Northwest Litchfield
For seniors graduating from a public high school in Berkshire County and northwest Litchfield County who wish to study music.
For graduating high school seniors from Drury High School pursuing a 2-year or 4-year degree in public service (e.g., teaching, social work, criminal justice).
For Monument Mountain High School seniors studying art or design
For graduating seniors who are residents of Berkshire County and are Pro Shop employees and/or caddies of the country clubs of Berkshire County.